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Doctoral Courses - Academic Year 2008/2009

Advanced courses are sponsored by the Swiss Finance Institute. For course information, click on the course of interest.
First Year Courses
Course Lecturer Start Date Reg. Deadline Status
Empirical Corporate Finance (UZH) Prof. Michel Habib 23.04.2009 01.04.2009
Advanced Courses
Course Lecturer Start Date Reg. Deadline Status
Recent Developments in Macro Term Structure and Credit Risk Modelling (USI) Prof. Pietro Veronesi 01.09.2008 29.08.2008
Dynamic Asset Pricing (USI) Prof. Suleyman Basak 16.10.2008 01.10.2008
Behavioural Portfolio Theory (UZH) Prof. Enrico De Giorgi 20.10.2008 01.10.2008
A Continuous-Time Approach to Dynamic Incentive Problems (ETHZ) Prof. Yuliy Sannikov 20.10.2008 01.10.2008
Financial Econometrics (UNISG) Prof. Fabio Trojani
Prof. Patrick Gagliardini
24.11.2008 03.11.2008
Advanced Term Structure Modeling (UZH) Prof. Markus Leippold 27.11.2008 07.11.2008
Portfolio Optimization by Simulation Methods (UNIL) Prof. Jerome Detemple 16.12.2008 28.11.2008
Dynamic Corporate Finance (EPFL) Prof. Erwan Morellec 28.01.2009 16.01.2009
Econometrics of Asset Pricing (USI) Prof. Alain Monfort 23.02.2009 09.02.2009
Advanced Empirical Corporate Finance (UZH) Prof. Alexander Ljungqvist 16.03.2009 24.02.2009
Corporate Governance (UNIL) Prof. Michelle Lowry 20.04.2009 06.04.2009
Econometrics of Continuous-Time Finance (USI) Prof. Yacine Ait-Sahalia 27.04.2009 13.04.2009
Advanced Time Series Econometrics (UNISG) Prof. Fabio Trojani
Prof. Patrick Gagliardini
11.05.2009 27.04.2009
Topics in Financial Theory (UNISG) Prof. Paolo Porchia 11.05.2009 27.04.2009
Dynamic Portfolio Choice (USI) Prof. Marcel Rindisbacher 01.06.2009 25.05.2009
Modeling Financial Markets in which Agents Interact by Search for Counterparties (UNIL) Prof. Darrell Duffie 10.06.2009 22.04.2009
Corporate Finance (USI) Prof. Jay Ritter 15.06.2009 01.06.2009
International Finance (UZH) Prof. Vihang R. Errunza cancelled
Eighth Swiss Doctoral Workshop in Finance