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Doctoral Courses - Academic Year 2009/2010

Advanced courses are sponsored by the Swiss Finance Institute. For course information, click on the course of interest.
First Year Courses
Course Lecturer Start Date Reg. Deadline Status
Empirical Corporate Finance (UZH) Prof. Michel Habib 15.04.2010 01.04.2010
Advanced Courses
Course Lecturer Start Date Reg. Deadline Status
Behavioral Portfolio Theory (UZH) Prof. Enrico De Giorgi 17.08.2009 03.08.2009
Lectures on Stochastic General Equilibrium (UZH) Prof. Martine Quinzii
Prof. Michael Magill
05.10.2009 01.10.2009
Weak Instruments And Weak Identification (USI) Prof. Franco Peracchi 05.10.2009 30.09.2009
Dynamic Asset Pricing (USI) Prof. Suleyman Basak 26.10.2009 12.10.2009
Time Series Methods in Financial Econometrics (UNISG) Prof. Patrick Gagliardini 16.11.2009 02.11.2009
Numerical Methods in Finance (USI) Prof. Eckhard Platen 16.11.2009 09.11.2009
Dynamic Corporate Finance (EPFL) Prof. Erwan Morellec 20.01.2010 11.01.2010
Microeconomics of Banking: Lessons from the Subprime Crisis (UZH) Prof. Jean-Charles Rochet 08.02.2010 25.01.2010
Advanced Derivatives (USI) Prof. Giovanni Barone-Adesi
Prof. Antonietta Mira
09.02.2010 25.01.2010
Market Microstructure and its Applications (USI) Prof. Aditya Kaul 08.03.2010 05.03.2010
Real Options (USI) Prof. Marc Chesney 15.04.2010 12.04.2010
Time Series Analysis (USI) Prof. Alain Monfort 21.04.2010 16.04.2010
Corporate Finance II (USI) Prof. Vikas Mehrotra 30.04.2010 23.04.2010
Market Microstructure (UNIL) Prof. Kerry Back 19.05.2010 07.05.2010
9th Swiss Doctoral Workshop in Finance