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Finance Seminars at the University of Zurich

Organised by Swiss Banking Institute and NCCR FINRISK
Profs. M. Chesney, R. Gibson, M. Habib, Th. Hens, L. Mancini, M. Paolella, A. Wagner, M. Wang
[ Download Program ]
Friday, 12:15 - 13:30, Lecture Room: KO2-F-172 - 1st floor
University Centre, Entrance Karl-Schmid-Strasse 4, 8006 Zurich
Administrative Coordinator for Finance Research Seminar: Mr Andrin Boegli

Date Speaker Topic
22.02 Giovanni Favara
University of Lausanne
House Price Dynamics with Heterogeneous Expectations
29.02 Rosemarie Nagel
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Beauty Contest in the Brain: The Neural Basis of Strategic Thinking
07.03 Guenter Franke
University of Konstanz
Information Asymmetries and Securitization Design
14.03 Kjell Nyborg
Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Bergen
The Price of Liquidity: Bank Characteristics and Market Conditions
04.04 Darrell Duffie
Stanford University, California
* This seminar will take place at Room KOL-F-101
Over-the-Counter Search Frictions: A Case Study of the Federal Funds Market
11.04 Harald Hau
University of Geneva and SFI
Global versus Local Asset Pricing: Evidence from Arbitrage of the MSCI Index Change
18.04 Jan Pieter Krahnen
Goethe University, Frankfurt
Risk Transfer with CDOs
Does credit securitization reduce bank risk? Evidence from the European CDO market
25.04 Zacharias Sautner
Amsterdam Business School
Looking Inside a Conglomerate: Efficiency of Internal Capital Markets and Managerial Power within a Firm
09.05 Hersh Shefrin
Santa Clara University, California
Risk and Return in Behavioral SDF-based Asset Pricing Models
16.05 Enrico Biffis
Imperial College London
Constrained Dynamic Mean-Variance Asset Allocation
23.05 Elmar Mertens
University of Lausanne
Predictability in Financial Markets: What Do Survey Expectations Tell Us?
26.05 David Yermack
New York University
* This session will take place on Monday at Plattenstrasse 32, Room PLD-E-04
Deduction Ad Absurdum: CEOs Donating Their Own Stock to Their Own Family Foundations

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