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Finance Seminars at the University of Zurich

NCCR FINRISK / Institute for Empirical Research in Economics / Swiss Banking Institute
The Finance Seminar organized by Profs. Marc Chesney, Rajna Gibson, Michel Habib, Thorsten Hens, Markus Leippold, Marc Paolella, Alexander Wagner, Mei Wang is open for all interested students, researchers and practitioners.
WINTER TERM 2005/2006
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Friday, 12:15 - 13:30, Lecture Room: KO2-F-172 - 1st floor
University Centre, Entrance Karl-Schmid-Strasse 4, 8006 Zurich
Administrative Coordinator for Finance Research Seminar: Mr Andrin Boegli

Date Speaker Topic
07.10 Narayan Naik
London Business School
Hedge Funds: Performance, Risk and Capital Formation
25.10 Baruch Lev
Stern School of Business, New York
Accounting Estimates: Pervasive, Yet of Questionable Usefulness
04.11 Marco Pagano
University of Napoli, Italy
Optimal Auditing Standards
11.11 Joao Cocco
London Business School
The Corporate Governance of Defined Benefit Pension Plans: Evidence from the United Kingdom
18.11 Bernard Dumas
What Can Rational Investors Do About Excessive Volatility and Sentiment Fluctuations
25.11 Rajnish Mehra
University of California, Santa Barbara
Junior is Rich: Bequests as Consumption
02.12 Raffaella Giacomini
Boston College, UCLA
Detecting and Predicting Forecast Breakdowns
09.12 Vihang R. Errunza
Mc Gill University, Montreal, Canada
International Asset Pricing Under Segmentation and PPP Deviations
16.12 Prof. Lucy White
Level Playing Fields in International Financial Regulation
20.01 Prof. Pascal St-Amour
An Empirical Analysis of U.S. Aggregate Portfolio Allocations
27.01 Mariassunta Giannetti
Stockholm School of Economics
Fighting for Talend: Risk Taking, Corporate Volatility and Organizational Change
03.02 Prof. Philippe Bacchetta
Rational Inattention: A Solution to the Forward Discount Puzzle
10.02 Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
Capital Fund Management, France
Financial Random Walks: The Bachelier-Einstein Legacy

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