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Finance Seminars at the University of Zurich

NCCR FINRISK / Institute for Empirical Research in Economics / Swiss Banking Institute
The Finance Seminar organized by Profs. M.Chesney, H.Geiger, R.Gibson, M.Habib, Th.Hens, M.Leippold, M.Paolella, R.Volkart
[ Download Program ]
Friday, 12:15 - 13:30, Lecture Room: KO2-F-172 - 1st floor
University Centre, Entrance Karl-Schmid-Strasse 4, 8006 Zurich
Administrative Coordinator for Finance Research Seminar: Mr Andrin Boegli

Date Speaker Topic
01.04 Jean-Charles Rochet
University of Toulouse
Dynamic Security Design
15.04 Carolina Blarer-Salva
University of Neuchatel
The Economic Consequences of Increased Disclosure: Evidence from International Cross-listings
22.04 Tobias Adrian
New York Fed
Stock Returns and Volatility: Pricing the Long-Run and Short-Run Components of Market Risk
29.04 Prof. Christian Keuschnigg
University of St. Gallen
Public Policy, Start-up Entrepreneurship and the Market for Venture Capital
06.05 Clemens Sialm
University of Michigan Business School
Unobserved Actions of Mutual Funds
13.05 Yvan Lengwiler
University of Basel
Heterogeneous Patience and the Term Structure of Real Interest Rates
20.05 Felix Kubler
University of Mannheim
Leverage and Incomplete Markets
27.05 Umberto Cherubini
University of Bologna
Accounting Fraud and the Pricing of Corporate Liabilities: Structural Models with Garbling
03.06 Walter Kraemer
University of Dortmund
Which Rater rates best? On comparing the Accuracy of Probability Forecasts
10.06 Harris Schlesinger
University of Alabama
Asset Allocation Given Non-Market Wealth and Rollover Risk
16.06 Didier Sornette
University of California, Los Angeles
Endogeneous versus Exogeneous Events in Financial Markets: distinguishing between Sept. 11, 2001 and the crash of Oct. 1987
24.06 Prof. Erwan Morellec
EPF Lausanne
Irreversible Investment in General Equilibrium
01.07 Damir Filipovic
Risk-based Solvency Testing for Insurers

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