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Working Paper Series

The Swiss Finance Institute, together with its research partner FINRISK, has launched the Research Paper Series (SFI-RPS). This new series is published on the SSRN website. Any FINRISK Working Paper can be included into the Swiss Finance Institute Research Paper Series (upon request by author).

Coordinator for FINRISK Working Paper Series: Ms. Radmila Schinke

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Please note: All NCCR FINRISK projects have been phased out as of October 31, 2013.
We still accept for our website
- updates of existing NCCR working papers as well as
- information on new NCCR FINRISK related publications.
At this stage, however, we do not accept any new NCCR FINRISK working paper.

Search in FINRISK Working Paper Series:

All 863 working papers selected, showing records 1 - 10.
No. Working Paper Download Publication
883 Kai Du: On Solvability of an indefinite Riccati Equation, December 2013 PDF
882 Loriano Mancini, Angelo Ranaldo, Jan Wrampelmeyer: The Euro Interbank Repo Market, December 2013 PDF
881 Walt Pohl: An Example of Overly Revealing Rational Expectations, April 2012  Link
880 Fabian Ackermann, Walt Pohl, Karl H. Schmedders: Long-Run UIP Holds Even in the Short Run, May 2013  Link
879 The Perils of Performance Measurement in the German Mutual-Fund Industry, May 2013  Link
878 Fabian Ackermann, Walt Pohl, Karl H. Schmedders: On the Risk and Return of the Carry Trade, November 2012  Link
877 Volodymyr Vovchak: Liquidity and Liquidity Risk in the Cross-Section of Stock Returns, June 2012  Link
876 Walter Farkas, Pablo Koch-Medina, Cosimo-Andrea Munari: Multi-Asset Risk Measures, August 2013 PDF
875 Optimal Liquidity Provision in Limit Order Markets, September 2013 PDF
874 Pavol Povala: Intertemporal Trade-off and the Yield Curve, February 2013 PDF

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