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Oversight of FINRISK Activities

Given FINRISK’s ambitious scope and size, it is highly appropriate that its activities be monitored rigorously. As such, FINRISK is subject to a dual assessment regime:

Review Panel of Swiss National Science Foundation

FINRISK is accountable to annual monitoring conducted by a review panel appointed by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Once a year, FINRISK’s overall performance is reviewed by an international expert panel, appointed by the Foundation, and assessed against its targets. The main evaluation criterion is quality of research output, as well as the success of FINRISK’s knowledge transfer and educational programs. FINRISK’s overall management performance is also considered.

The scientific quality of FINRISK’s research is subject to a separate quality control mechanism:
International Scientific Council (ISC)

The ISC is appointed by a FINRISK selection committee to carry out an independent and in-depth assessment of FINRISK’s research output. The council comprises seven external leading academics from institutions whose knowledge and expertise enable them to make credible and unbiased judgments regarding the conduct and quality of the research conducted by FINRISK. The scientific quality of existing projects is assessed regularly by the ISC against defined performance indicators. The ISC continuously monitors the progress of research projects and investigates whether to reduce the scope or to terminate non-performing projects. The ISC also selects new projects based on scientific quality and thematic relevance.

Members of the ISC (from left): René Stulz (Ohio State University), former ISC member Hans Foellmer (Humboldt University), Henri Loubergé (University of Geneva), Darrell Duffie (Stanford University), Michael Brennan (University of California), Christian Gouriéroux (University of Toronto and CREST), Marco Pagano (University of Napoli).
Not in the picture: Walter Schachermayer (University of Vienna).

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