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Cutting Edge Research in Finance

The main goal of FINRISK is to promote world class fundamental and applications-oriented research in finance and finance-related fields. Our ambitious research program focuses on the analysis of financial and non-financial risk factors that affect wealth creation, and on the optimal functioning of financial institutions. The research also integrates regulatory, micro and macroeconomic dimensions of value creation and risk management, and investigates the impact of risk on the valuation of financial assets and firms.

At its core, FINRISK addresses fundamental questions surrounding financial decision-making, namely:

What are the key risks confronting our financial system and how should we measure and manage them?

What are the implications of these risks for:

  • The economy at large?
  • Corporate and household decision-making?
  • Individual and institutional portfolio formation?
Given the Swiss economy’s dependence on the financial services sector, as well as the effect of financial crises on the world economy in general, FINRISK’s research program is extremely timely and of significant economic importance.

The research philosophy of FINRISK promotes multidisciplinary approaches and active networking among its research members, which now number more than 100 professors, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students. The research program currently includes twelve individual research projects, which have been grouped into five basic research modules.

The individual research projects are conducted by research groups collaborating across academic institutions. Researchers work according to agreed research goals. Through its twelve research groups FINRISK integrates more than 40 professors from academic institutions across Switzerland. In addition, approximately 15 postdoctoral researchers actively contribute to these twelve projects. These activities are predominantly self-managed by FINRISK’s researchers.

Research results generated within the individual projects are published in the FINRISK Working Paper Series. Our members present research at international academic conferences and publish in prestigious academic journals. For a complete list of our research publications, please visit Research Publications.

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